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If you’re just starting out in CPA, there’s a little tip I would like to share.  It’s something that could literally double or even quadruple the speed of your success!

What I’m talking about, is finding the right network.  Not all CPA networks are created equal, you know!

To start with, you want to work with networks that have a good reputation for paying on time.  Most networks aren’t out to scam you, and the ones that do don’t last long.  With that being said, some of them just have their act together better than others.  It’s a real bummer when you have to pause a winning campaign because you’re not getting paid on time.

Always read network reviews, but always take them with a grain of salt.  Sometimes affiliates will write negative reviews about networks that they’ve been kicked out of.  Much of the time, these are fraudster affiliates who just want to blackmail networks into paying them.  Other times, negative reviews are valid complaints about networks that not fulfilling their duties.  Like many things, you’ll have to use your best judgement.

Another thing you’ll need to look at are the payout terms of for the networks you apply to.  Are they net 30?  Net 15?  Net 7?  This number is simply the amount of time you’ll need to wait after the pay period ends to get paid.  Net 7, you have to wait 7 days.  Net 15, you have to wait 15 days, etc.

Also, what is their payout frequency?  Is it monthly, or is there a weekly option?  If you’re getting paid on a monthly basis, you’ll get paid only once a month for all the revenue you earned in the previous month.  If you’re getting paid weekly, you get paid for everything you earn during the previous week.

And don’t forget to look at the threshold.  The threshold is simply the minimum you need to earn to get paid.  If you don’t meet the payment threshold for a certain pay period, you’ll need to wait until you pass over it to get paid.

If you’re just starting out, you may not have a robust budget that you can draw from to keep your campaigns running.  A network that only does monthly payouts on net 30 may leave your advertising funds dried up while you wait for payment.  On the other hand, if your network pays you weekly on a net 7 schedule, you’ll quickly be able to put your revenue back into advertising.  Getting paid quickly = faster growth!

To get paid weekly, you’ll typically need to meet some sort of minimum threshold.  Different networks have different requirements.  Needless to say, the lower the threshold, the easier it will be get on weeklies.

The following three networks are ones I personally recommend.  They have always paid me on time, and they all have weekly payment options.  There are plenty of other networks that may be just as good, but these are the three that have been the best for me, as far as growing my CPA business.


Max Bounty

This is the network I recommend if you’re just starting out.  For one, they’re what I call a newbie friendly network.  That is to say that they approve more people who have little to no experience.  Their payout terms are also very newbie friendly.  Your first payment will be by check, and net 15 for the first month that you make over $100.  Once that first payment processed, you have the option to go to weeklies on net 7, and you only have to clear the $100 earnings threshold!


Above All Offers

Above All Offers is another great network to work with.  If you’re on monthly payments, they pay on a net 7 schedule.  Once you start making over $500 per week, you’ll get paid weekly.  Above All Offers has even paid me early several times!  One of those times was right before the Black Friday shopping weekend after Thanksgiving.  You can imagine how stoked I was to have that extra boost going into the biggest shopping day of the year!


Market Leverage

Market Leverage is a premium network that has lots of unique offers.  The offer payouts are some of the best around and they’ve typically converted very well for me.  The threshold for weeklies is $1000, making the bar a bit higher.  If you’re already somewhat established,  Market Leverage can be a great way to go even further in CPA!

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  1. JanPaul
    8 years ago

    Hi Sheldon,

    Thanks for the tips. Good luck with your efforts in this new year.
    I am just starting out with ppc and Clickbank. Is going alright!

    Before I did small seo sites with very tightly focused keywords.

    I use prosper 202 to have a good look at the first 20 clicks. If the keywords are too general I just drop the campaign.

    Thanks for the great p202 videos. I learned a lot from them. Also I am looking forward to your ppc course that you mentioned.

    One question. I noticed that the cloaking in p202 is not 100% proof. Sometimes you can still see the id in the address bar. Is there a solution?

    Anyway, all the best


  2. Sheldon
    8 years ago

    Hi JanPaul,

    I hope things go well for you too this year!
    If you’re starting to see success driving PPC traffic to Clickbank products, by all means, keep at it! One nice thing is that Clickbank campaigns tend to be fairly stable. Much more so than CPA.

    So I assume you’re using a search platform as your PPC source. When you say you’re looking at the first 20 clicks to a campaign, are you looking at the data for the searched terms? Sounds like it must be a good way of testing the waters. That can also be a great way to discover new keyword ideas 😉

    About the course, I admit I’ve slacked on putting it out, badly. That’s largely because my CPA campaigns have been doing so well. I fully expect that January will be my first 5 figure month! Still no excuse though…

    As far as cloaking via Prosper202 goes, you’re right that it’s not 100%. To be honest, if an advertiser really wants to see where your traffic is coming from, they have ways of finding out (especially if you’re sending high volume.) The cloaker is just an added layer of protection you can give yourself.

    Thanks for your comment, and be well!


  3. Boris
    8 years ago

    Hi Sheldon ¿What Networks PPC quality traffic which your recommend for direct link CPA offers?

    • Sheldon
      8 years ago

      Hi Boris,

      When it comes to direct linking VS. landing pages, I wouldn’t say that the traffic network matters all that much. What matters a whole lot more is the type of offer you’re running. When you go to run an offer, take a look at the offer page. Does it do a good job of pre-selling the offer, or is that information lacking? If it looks like more pre-selling is needed, you’ll probably need a lander. Often times it’s a good idea to split test an offer with and without a landing page to see if it performs better.

  4. david
    8 years ago

    hey sheldon,
    is there a way to completely cloak your traffic sources and still be able to track everything in prosper202? Ive seen some people cloaking but then you cant track properly in prosper. Your wisdom is really appreciated.
    p.s.your videos are great!

    thanks david

  5. Thank you for sharing excellent informations.
    Your web-site is very cool. I’m impressed by the details that you

  6. David Kim
    7 years ago

    Hi, it was like a serendipity for me.

    Tremendous thanks for your excellent guide on tracking, which was very logical, easy to comprehend.
    It was like that I found a 10-carat diamond laid inconspicuously in the vast wilderness of internet.
    I can say it is the Bible on everything tracking that nowhere else can be found in the internet.
    I struggled to understand whole tracking mechanism until I found this site after painstaking searches.

    As I am about to start on PPV campaigns with CPV Lab already setup with InMotion Hosting (VPS) and Auto-responder with Aweber, and also with AffExpert forum (target scraping tools).

    I’d like to subscribe to Optimize Press for creating landing pages, but PPV landing page is different in size with every PPV traffic source. So OP might not be ideal for my purpose. There are a few paid forums I found including AffPortal (expensive thought) for easy LP creating.

    Would you be kind enough to give me any advice on landing page solution and any other marketing strategies?

    Thanks again for the precious and priceless gift you’ve given me..

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